C Schwab Previews (N Indy)

Choose your favorite preview image and send the image file number along with your name and email to mike@indyheadshots.com.

File numbers are visible under enlarged images and by hovering over thumbnail images. Previews are not fully edited, retouched or cropped.

Your chosen image will be edited and “pre-touched” by Mike before sending to the C Schwab Portraits Team. (You will be CC’d on the email as a confirmation.) The C Schwab Portraits Team will fully edit, retouch, and crop your headshot image bringing it to C Schwab branding standards. The Portraits Team will send you an email concerning receipt of your final image.

  • If you asked Mike to “fix” some sort of temporary blemish, check your first preview to see the “fix” applied. This “fix” will be applied to your selected image before sending to the Portraits Team. 

Please contact Mike (mike@indyheadshots.com) with questions. You can also contact the C Schwab Portraits Team. (Portraits@schwab.com) 

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